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Sensei Nagayama, my martial arts teacher (1999).

When sensei Nagayama says "Jump", you say "How high?"


This photo was taken after my first Karate tournament (1999).

Carlsbad 2002, this is the real test of fire.

These girls and boys are ready to rumble.

Here they come, save yourself!

It wasn't easy, but I got the medal!

Matthew and I running in Carlsbad, 2003.

Receiving the silver medal in The Heart Of The City race (2004).

Before the 2004 Youth Karate Competition

My first judo sweep opponent.

My second judo sweep opponent.

The first medal.

I hope this guy doesn't punch too hard.

Here he comes, like a freight train.

My second sparring partner.

I got two gold medals for all the hard work.